Core Newsletter 2017 no.2

Core Newsletter 2017 no.2

CORE is heading towards its final months officially ending in April next year, so the results of focused research and findings from the demonstrations are now coming together. In a €50-million project with 23 different work packages, this is like harvesting an enormous apple tree orchard, where the fruit falls from all the trees after having ripened. Of course, some apples need more ripening, some remain small in size and some cannot be eaten, but the majority is delicious.

In this issue, you will find information on:

  • Data Pipelines: Driving a Global Supply Chain Revolution

With our data pipeline concept and visibility platforms, CORE is accelerating the digital transformation in logistics. CORE starts from the belief that supply chain visibility is the key to achieving highly efficient global trade and logistics and enhancing supply chain security. We can read in the first article of this newsletter how sound commercial business cases have been realised with the global data pipelines and how it helps border agencies. With 30% efficiency savings at Warrant customer Kirkby Tyres, and up to €1M savings within the Port Health Authority in Felixstowe alone, these results are truly convincing.

  • Harnessing Global Sat-Nav Technology to Protect Lives and the Environment

The second article shows how different Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNOS, GALILEO, GPS, GLONAS, BeiDu) can be integrated to offer a highly reliable and precise realtime track and trace solution for the transportation of chemicals and gas by road and rail on the corridor Duisburg (Ger) – Terni (Ita). Real-time track and trace not only has commercial value, it contributes to the safe transport of dangerous goods.

  • Revolutionising Transit Declaration and ETA

The third article shows how the supply chain visibility platform is used to apply predictive analytics to synchronise supply chain processes in the import of home appliances of BSH from China to Spain. This creates more accuracy around delivery estimates, and more efficient pipeline inventory and safety stock levels. Again, a sound commercial business case.

  • Blueprint for a Trusted Trade Lane

The last article shows how Seacon Logistics not only applied the concept of trusted trade lanes, but went further. They created a trusted trade lane blueprint that has potential for global application. They can apply it to different contracts of carriage, governed by different INCOTERMS. Also, if certain processes are beyond their control, it shows how they can still ensure trustworthiness. Seacon pushes hard for trusted trade lane recognition models.

  • What’s next?

Just four juicy apples from the CORE Orchard, a taste that’s very moreish. Look out for our final newsletter early next year.

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Core Newsletter 2017 no.1

The third year of CORE is almost over and indeed, a lot has happened. I once learned that to be successful, a project must first go through a period of chaos and disorder, whether through design or organically. With 70 partners from all parts of the globe ranging from researchers to private companies and authorities, providing both software and hardware solutions – you name it, any stakeholders who play a role within the Supply Chain are involved.

However, as in real life, they don’t always share the same understanding of objectives or views on how things should be done. So, initial chaos and disorder was guaranteed and it almost promised to be a real Hollywood blockbuster, but not necessarily with the ‘happy ending’.

Despite a somewhat fragile and chaotic start, CORE is now seeing some real tangible results and this newsletter provides the proof points. We have several demos which are close to delivering their promise but that doesn’t mean that other Work Packages won’t succeed – on the contrary. It just simply means that we will showcase them in our next newsletter!

It’s important to note that there is more to CORE than just this newsletter. There is a CORE movie – perhaps not the blockbuster I referred to earlier but I’m sure you’ll agree, it does have the ‘happy ending’. Both myself and some of the other partners have already presented this movie to several different audiences and the feedback has been positive – so much so that further engagement with these stakeholders has ensued.

Less visible but equally important is the fact that some of the CORE results will also be used in other initiatives and projects including the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF). DTLF is a three-year initiative focused on creating a digital single market for logistics whereby representatives of authorities and associations jointly develop policy actions for the European Commission.

So, congratulations to those CORE project partners that have been working hard to move from concept to implementation. And, let’s not forget those partners that were integral in writing the original proposal because what they helped to write was not only visionary but doable which doesn’t happen all that often.

The next challenge for the project is selling the results – or in Supply Chain terms: delivering the right product, on time to the right place. 
In the meantime, enjoy this edition of our newsletter and do not hesitate to share with your wider network.

In this issue, you will find information on:

  • Next Generation Container Scanning for a Safer Future
  • Putting the ‘Smart’ into Smart Containers
  • Refrigerate or Take a Chance? P&G Finds a Third Solution
  • Low-Cost Digital Seal Helps Speed Supply Chain
  • What’s Next?

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Core 2nd Newsletter – August 2015

Welcome to the second issue of the Core newsletter, brought to you to share news on activity being undertaken by all partners.  In this issue, you will find information on:

  • The second Core technical committee meeting held earlier this year in The Hague
  • The second IT cluster coordination workshop, held earlier this year in The Hague
  • A report on two CORE workshops at the INTERPOL WORLD 2015 conference in Singapore
  • A report on a joint risk management and AEO expert dialogue between the EU and Japan in Tokyo
  • A report on the Physical Internet conference in Paris
  • A feature on the BSH Living Lab, which aims to improve the overall time-to-deliver reliability of cargo shipped from China to Spain
  • Two articles, on Supply chain visibility and Seamless integrated data pipelines, by David Hesketh, HMRC
  • An article by Roel Huiden, Flora Holland, on the transport of perishable goods such as flowers
  • Details of forthcoming events





Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Core newsletter, brought to you to share news on activity being undertaken by all partners.  In this issue, you will find information on: the Core kick-off meeting held earlier this year in Delft; the Core innovation agenda; various workshops and dissemination events held throughout Europe; as well as future events.