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Digital supply chain, more than a dream! Real-life cases from the CORE project
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Event Location: webinar, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM BST

Start Date: 03 July 2018

End Date: 03 July 2018

While many companies are thinking about the digital supply chain, not so many can show real-life cases and results.

To provide some cases as inspiration, Möbius is happy to organize a webinar on Tuesday July 3, 2018 during which Nik Delmeire, Secretary General of the European Shippers Council, will share the main results of the CORE project.

In an interview with Luc Baetens, Industry Team Lead at Möbius, Nik will show concrete results obtained during the CORE project and answer these questions: 

• What is the added value of data pipelines in improving the performance of a global supply chain?
• Can real-time management of supply chains be realized and what can be the benefits?
• What can be the place of the Blockchain in these applications?
• How do customs and authorities intervene in these initiatives?
• How can different partners work together to build platforms that serve the interests of many stakeholders?

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